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                Company Profile

                Zhejiang Deqing Leijing Crystal Fiber Co.,Ltd is an enterprise with wide application scope, large scale and high technology content.The products are developed from polycrystalline mullite fiber cotton to existing light-weight refractories that are suitable for high, medium and low temperature ranges,The application field has been extended to the fields of metallurgy, chemical industry, machinery, electronics, ceramics, building materials, scientific research and aerospace.Giving full play to the advantages of the scale operation of high-tech industrialization, is committed to improve kiln technology progress, efforts to promote domestic industrial kiln to meet international environmental protection energy-saving trend of development of the kiln is an all fiber.High-tech serialized products can meet the complex thermal demand.

                HM/PMF1600 is the latest type of ultra-lightweight high temperature insulation material at home and abroad-Polycrystalline mullite fiber,It is composed of mullite microcrystals. with the characteristics of crystal material and fiber material,and it has excellent stability of heat resistance, the melting point is 1840 degree,Its thermal conductivity is 1/6 of the traditional firebrick,and only 1/25 of its density,Using high - tech chemical colloid method to complete.However only a few developed countries can produce this product abroad,Like the American silicon carbide company,Btritish ICI company etc,The main technical indexes of the products reach the international advanced level and are widely used in metallurgy、machinery、ceramics、electronics、building materials、petrochemical、aerospace and other fields.It is the lining insulation of high temperature industrial furnace and other thermal equipment.And can achieve energy saving and increase production、reduce temperature difference in furnace、improve product quality、reduce spare parts consumption、prolong furnace life and improve working environment.

                In the 21st century, resources are becoming more and more important to us.And we have incorporated the theme of "respecting nature, advocating science, and cherishing the rational use of resources".In order to creat more environmental energy-saving products based on science and technology. And committed to improving the technological progress of the kiln and promoting the development of the domestic industrial furnace to the environment-friendly and energy-saving trend that conforms to the international kilns.Strive to improve the living environment of mankind.

                The sustainable development of Zhejiang Deqing Leijing Crystal Fiber Co.,Ltd cannot be separated from the support and long-term cooperation of friends from all walks of life.We always stand at the forefront of refractory material technology, promoting corporate culture and business philosophy.And always adhere to the core concept of building environmentally-friendly energy-saving kilns and improving the living environment of human beings, and constantly explore and pursue them.High-tech products and scientific management will become the new driving force for the sustainable development of enterprises.