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                2020年01月08日 閱讀 324

                Application scope of polycrystalline mullite fiber products

                Polycrystalline mullite fiber products can be used as thermal insulation materials in high temperature thermal equipment below 1600 ℃ for a long time, such as silicon carbide electric furnace, molybdenum silicide electric furnace, various steel heating furnaces, mechanical forging furnaces, etc., which can significantly improve the thermal efficiency of the equipment Greatly save energy, improve productivity, and improve product quality.

                It can be applied to various high-temperature industrial kiln insulation; ceramic kiln; mechanical and metallurgical heating furnaces; thermal surface lining of heat treatment furnaces and other industrial kiln; high temperature fire and flame insulation; kiln doors, kiln cars, expansion joints, etc. Insulation material; glass kiln insulation.