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                2020年02月26日 閱讀 500

                2019 Shanghai Refractories Exhibition

                October 30-November 1, 2019 Shanghai New International Expo Center

                Organizer: China Refractories Industry Association

                Co-sponsored by: Quanlian Metallurgical Chamber of Commerce China Baowu Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd. Shanghai Metal Society

                Co-organizer: Henan Province Refractories Industry Association

                Organizer: Shanghai Green Steel Metallurgical Technology Center Shanghai Shenshi Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.

                China's refractory industry's preferred platform for promotion and negotiation

                After years of development, Shanghai International Refractories Exhibition (referred to as Shanghai Refractories Exhibition) has gradually become the most influential industry event in China and even in Asia. With the mature platform of Shanghai International Metallurgy Industry Exhibition held at the same time, It will attract buyers from important application industries represented by steel companies to negotiate on the spot.

                The last exhibition was grandly held in Shanghai New International Expo Center from November 1st to 3rd, 2018, which attracted Sinosteel Refractory, Luo Naiyuan, Yannai, Xinli, Tongda, Chunsheng, Ruitai, Haonan, Jade A large number of refractory raw materials, products and processing equipment companies such as Huazhong, Zhenzhong, Wunai, Hongda, Yuxing, Henan Tenai, Warwick, and Anike participated in the exhibition. At the same time, the exhibition was also hosted by the Quanlian Metallurgical Chamber of Commerce, Henan Province. The “Finance Forum on Innovative Refractory Products, Promoting In-depth Cooperation, and Assisting Transformation and Upgrading” co-organized by the Refractories Industry Association has established a good supply and demand channel for refractory manufacturers and steel mill procurement departments. The forum attracted Baowu, Shagang, Taigang Over 200 people including steel, Zhongtian, Yonggang, Rongcheng Iron and Steel, Qingshan, Taishan Iron and Steel, Xinjin Iron and Steel, Xinghua Iron and Steel, Shaanxi Iron and Steel, Xinji Iron and Steel, Lu'an Iron and Steel and other steel representatives participated.

                The new Shanghai Refractories Exhibition in 2019 will refresh its history again in terms of display scale, number of exhibitors and visitors. We look forward to meeting with you again to make Shanghai Refractories Exhibition your new partner and new business. , The best way to increase brand awareness.

                Comprehensive promotion for professional audiences

                Ensuring high-quality audiences

                ※ The call center team will invite 85,000 professional visitors in the database by telephone.

                ※ More than 50,000 invitation letters are delivered directly to the hands of corporate purchase decision makers

                ※ Monthly e-newsletters deliver the latest news to attract buyers

                ※ Pre-show reminders and SMS group promotion

                ※ Industry mainstream media advertising soft text coverage

                ※ Exclusively invite VIP buyers with purchasing decision power in the metallurgical industry

                Previous review

                Exhibition area: 20,000 square meters

                (Refractory exhibition area 6000㎡)

                Number of exhibitors: 319

                (More than 80 refractory exhibitors)

                Professional audience: 13,610

                (1452 overseas visitors)

                Concurrent activities: 10

                Exhibition and procurement scope

                1. New products of iron and steel, non-ferrous metals industry, refractory for casting, forging, heat treatment and ceramic fiber;

                2. Ultra-high temperature technology and products; refractory manufacturing, recycling, reuse technology and equipment.

                3. Refractory and industrial ceramic production technology molding equipment and raw materials, additives, auxiliary materials;

                4. Burners, temperature control systems, heating elements, thermal insulation materials save energy, reduce consumption, environmental protection technology, devices, equipment, refractory and ceramic materials preparation technology and molding equipment; product quality control, testing instruments, meters.

                5. Various industrial furnaces and heat treatment furnaces: controllable atmosphere multipurpose furnaces, vacuum furnaces, pit furnaces, fluidized furnaces, ion nitriding equipment, various advanced and energy-efficient industrial furnaces, new combustion devices and combustion technologies;